Aldomin came into existence in 2010. With a newly developed interest in occult sciences, Mr. Dinesh Kumar studied a lot of related fields and started practising healing. reiki and other forms of meditation. With the practice he explored the field further and realised the underlying energies in different crystals and stones.Thereafter, he started using these crystals for healing and energising and soon decided to take these energies to a greater number of people.

Aldomin Healing Crystals have a wide variety of meta-physical crystals in forms of bracelets, malas, pendants, earrings, tumbles, articles and raw as well. A special thing about our crystals is that we keep them in an environment enchanted with mantras to keep the energies intact and to get the actual impact of using these for yourself.

We also have a group of healers, astrologers, numerologists, reiki healers, tarot card readers etc who practise in the similar domain. You can avail their services through Aldomin.

Dr. Dinesh Kumar

( Founder )
Dr. Dinesh Kumar


A Spiritual Healer, Reiki Master with years of experience in Healing.

Vardaan Kumar

Chief Executive Officer

Looks after the sales and operational management of the store.

Shreya Snehi

Chief Operating Officer

Looks after the marketing strategies, social media and client servicing.

Positivity Crystal

Prosperity Stone

Relationship Marriage

Emotional Balance

Carreer Crystal

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Q1. Are the crystals original?

Ans.All crystals at Aldomin are purely original. Coming from the field of occult sciences, our team understands the importance of energies of original crystals.

Q2. Can we wear any crystal we want?

Ans.No crystal has a bad impact on anyone. You can wear whichever seems better suitable for you. However, people do prefer to ask an astrologer or numerologist before wearing it so find out the best suited crystal for themselves.

Q3. Do you have certifications of the crystals?

Ans.We get the certifications done for some of them. If you want an authenticity certificate along with the crystal, it has an added cost.

Q4. Are the crystals really impactful?

Ans.We energise our crystals with constant mantras and chanting so that it gives a better impact on the person who wears it. However, it is important to believe in their energy to actually experience it.

Quick Delivery

Ready to deliver products enables us to deliver quickly. We deliver products both nationally and internationally.

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We keep original and best quality crystals as we believe in bringing best results in the customer’s life through our crystals.

Occult Center

We have an expertise in wide disciplines of occult sciences. We cover all of them in the products and services we provide.

Best Quality

We also have experts onboarded of every field related to occult sciences which give you the best suggestions for improving your life.

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