Lapis Lazuli Healing Crystal (Meru) Shree Yantra (302 Gram)

Lapis Lazuli Healing Crystal (Meru) Shree Yantra (302 Gram)

Product Code:Lapis Lazuli Healing Crystal (Meru) Shree Yantra
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  • Length, Width, Height :- 10.3 x 6 x 6.3 Cm
  • Natural Healing Crystal
  • Kurm Shreeyantra is a Shreeyantra which is crafted and mounted on the hump of a tortoise. The tortoise in itself is a very strong and long living being and it has magnificent ability to live in water and land simultaneously. Moreover, so humble it is that it does not harm anybody. Mother Nature has protected the delicate body of tortoise by providing it with a strong cover or jacket which is safeguards him in the ups and downs of life. Due to its extraordinarily strong back, in old time shields were made form cover of turtles to use in wars. Hence, it was chosen to carry the great Shreeyantra on its back. As we know Crystal has a celestial power and so the Crystal Shreeyantra bears big importance. So considering the capacity of tortoise to hold the Shreeyantra with such power, Kurm Shreeyantra was designed by our great scholars (Shankracharyas) of Hinduism. It enjoys the importance and title of Yantra Raj (the king of Yantra). Yantra is engraved on Crystal and Crystal has divine energy in itself making it very beneficial.


    It bestows Peace, Prosperity and Harmony. It is considered to be a very highly powerful yantra. It can be of great help when a person is undergoing financial crisis and is overburdened in debts. Its powerful vibrations helps you to get rid of all debts and attracts financial gains. It is good for family bonding and promoting harmony amongst family members. It is very helpful for small children in family when they suffer from health problems. Its magical and invisible waves helps to get rid of all the health problems. According to Vaastu Shastra, when Kurm Shreeyantra made up of Lapis Lazuli that is kept in the north side of the dining room, it brings prosperity and success. Not only it brings wealth in the home, but also frees from all the problems

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