Dried White Sage Smudging Stick (5" to 6" inches)(100 Gram Black Tourmaline Stone Free With Sage)

Dried White Sage Smudging Stick (5" to 6" inches)(100 Gram Black Tourmaline Stone Free With Sage)

Product Code:Dried White Sage Smudging Stick (5" to 6" inches)
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SMUDGING A ROOM OR HOUSE  Keep the windows and doors closed to the room you have chosen to smudge. Start in one corner of the room and gently waft the smoke after it spirals above the bowl, from the floor up to the ceiling.

Always start from the bottom and move to the top - this is the natural pattern of smoke - to move up and carry away. Move from the back most corner of the room, and move to the next corner, following the same pattern. If you encounter a window, waft smoke into the four corners of the window, starting from the lower left corner of the window moving to the upper left, then to the upper right, then back down to the lower right. Seal the window by completing the "loop",  in other words, make sure the smoke is wafted over the entire window frame.

Move to the next corner, and waft smoke from the bottom to the top of the corner, and once you complete the final corner, move to the center of the move, raise the bowl to chest height, and waft smoke up towards the room center. You are now done with this room.

When you leave, shut the door behind you and allow the smoke to penetrate the room for at least 15 minutes. Upon returning, open the windows and doors to release the energies that have attached to the smoke. Notice how the room feels different - lighter, clearer, more airy.If you are smudging a house, do each room in the above fashion. Start from the back of the house and move to the front. Start from the bottom floor and move to the top. Make sure to get all rooms and if you have a room with cabinets - open the cabinets and waft smoke into them the way you would for a window.

Your last room should be the one with the front door. Upon completing the house, exit through the front door and close the front door. Allow the smoke to work for at least 15 minutes. Once you are ready to return, open the doors and windows of the house.

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