Labradorite Healing Crystal Bowl (95.75 Gram)

Labradorite Healing Crystal Bowl (95.75 Gram)

Product Code: Labradorite Healing Crystal Bowl (95.75 Gram)
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Diameter :- 79.50 MM

Height :- 39.65 MM

Drinking water in this Crystal Bowl on daily basis is said to unlock abilities of telepathy, clairvoyance, coincidence control and prophecy. It is also claimed to aid in communication with higher spirits and guides and assist with accessing of the Akashic Records, past life recall and psychic readings. It may temper the negative aspects of its keeper's personality (and therefore reduce shame and depression), discourage reckless, impulsive and anti-social behavior, and help to detoxify the effects of alcohol, tobacco, and hard drugs (to a lesser degree). Some keep it around the workplace, as it is said to bring out the best in all people and promote a more congenial workplace atmosphere in general. It is believed to encourage full attention, courtesy, and a desire in even temporary and part time staff to become fully invested in a company.

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