AMWAND CLASSIC: The Original AFT Energy Healing Tool

AMWAND CLASSIC: The Original AFT Energy Healing Tool

Product Code:AMWAND CLASSIC: The Original AFT Energy Healing Tool
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AMWAND CLASSIC: The Original AFT Energy Healing Tool

AMwand Classic is a powerful Energy Healing Tool that can effectively relieve all your pains. This Zero Point Energy Wand is ENERGIZED with AMized Fusion Technology. Know to most users as Zero Point Energy Wand, the AMWand Classic is a pen-shaped device that resonates with a stream of life energy. When rotated above or pointed at various parts of our body, it can help dislodge energetic blockages and allow your body to cleanse, recharge and rejuvenate. Exclusively designed and manufactured by AMwell, the AMWand Classic is ENERGIZED with AMized Fusion Technology (AFT), a proprietary quantum technology to resonate at Zero Point Resonance. Engineered with special minerals and crystals, the AMWand Classic creates a long-lasting Zero Point resonance. It allows our body to source the natural Life Force Energy from the environment and brings balance to all aspects of our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. The AMwand Classic is the original version which contains over 13 specific minerals and crystals and ENERGIZED over 21 days in an AFT Vacuum Chamber.


  • 1.Relieve fatigue, stress, and tiredness
  • 2.Assist in energy cleansing, healing, and energy balance
  • 3.Support body, mind and spirit alignment
  • 4.Relieve pains, aches, discomfort, and ailments
  • 5.Increase vitality, strength, flexibility, and energy levels
  • 6.Assist in clearing negative energies and energetic blockages
  • 7.Increase the effectiveness of body and skin care products
  • 8.Increase the potency of the minerals and vitamins in the foods we eat and the water we drink
  • 9.Support deep relaxation and meditative state

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