AMPendant Universe- Energy Balancing Pendant

AMPendant Universe- Energy Balancing Pendant

Product Code:AMPendant Universe- Energy Balancing Pendant
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                        AMPendant Universe- Energy Balancing Pendant

The Titanium AMPendant Universe: Is an AFT Quantum Energy Pendant that resonates at Zero Point Field which helps us to protect our Bio-Field from the harmful lifestyle and environmental stresses (Oxidative Stress). Wearing the AMPendant Universe reorganizes distortions in our Bio-Energetic Fields caused by pollution and bad lifestyle habits. Acting like an antenna on a radio, the AMPendant Universe helps our body to source the Universal Life Force energy and channel it to the areas where it is most needed to cleanse, charge and rejuvenate. 


  1. Assist in harmonizing your Mental, Emotional, and Physical quantum.
  2. Assist in supporting and strengthening the Bio-Energy Field
  3. Helps to clear the energy blockages and imbalances
  4. Helps to increases vitality, strength, flexibility and energy levels
  5. Assist in supporting the Thymus Gland in strengthening the immune system
  6. Helps to enhance quality of rest and reduction of stress
  7. Assist in protection against E-SMOG, Oxidative Stress, and Negative Energies
  8. Assist in relief and fast recovery from aches, pain, and discomfort.

Specifications: Metal Titanium Diameter: 40 mm Thickness: 6 mm The AMPendant comes with a complimentary 20-inch stainless steel chain.

Available in 4 colors: Silver Plated / 22k Gold Plated / Rose Gold Plated / Black Enamel Plated

All our AFT Quantum Energy Pendants are uniquely serialized and issued with an AFT Certificate!

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